Learn Grammar The Easy Way For The Smu Book V

Learn Grammar The Easy Way For The Smu Book V

Binarupa Aksara
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This book about the nagging terms is a continuation of the previous book.lt is about the extras that should be known for oftimes they are thought to be of minor importance.

Well may they be, but to use them incorrectly is unforgivable for though they look insignificant they are actually on the same level as Grammar.

In a way, it's not embarrassing to speak out the wrong words, provided they are corrected immediately. The beauty of the correction is that the words are absorbed into one's brain and they will be remembered for a limitless period of time.

Using the right words, either in talking or writing, is an extremely great advantage for it shows your standing: shunning inferiority complex but gaining confidence.Many years ago I came across these words: We are the Architects of our own Fortunes, and that our happiness depends, in the end, on Ourselves.